About Us

Put Our Analytics, Data, and Expertise to Work

At Truven Health Analytics™, our purpose is to make healthcare better — lower costs, improved quality, better results. Simple words. Yet remarkably complex concepts.

But that's not stopping us. Or our customers.

Every day, we get to work with smart, passionate professionals, from every facet of the industry, as they manage change and implement strategies that will achieve exactly those outcomes.

Our customers are healthcare payers — employers and health plans, as well as providers. In both the private and public sectors. They're researchers and suppliers. Regulators. Movers and shakers in each piece and part of the healthcare world.

With this broad view of healthcare, we're able to see when new challenges are just beginning to emerge. And that's when we begin working on new solutions.

Data. We're driven by it.

Known for our exacting collection and secure management of data, we've worked with clinical evidence, claims, clinical, and other healthcare data for more than 40 years.

We know the challenges to watch for, what to do about them — and how to recognize new ones. Like finding new ways to measure risk for providers who take on more of it, and payers who contract for it. Or integrating data to deliver the solutions today's converging healthcare interests demand.

Analytics. Because data alone is just numbers and letters.

The need for reliable insights from data demands proven analytics. Our methodologies and algorithms are uniformly trusted across the industry to deliver critical information that leads to confident decisions.

Coupled with flexible reporting, integration, and consulting services, our sophisticated analytics enable our customers to make their part of healthcare better, faster.

Domain expertise. We have it.

We really have walked in our customers' shoes. We've worked in their environments. That level of understanding, plus our leading data management capabilities and advanced analytics, are why our customers turn to us as their partner to deliver quality, reduce costs, and yield greater value in healthcare.

Holistic. That’s the view we bring to the table.

With our vast experience and industry-leading data and analytics, Truven Health has a deeply informed, holistic understanding of the forces driving healthcare today — delivered to our customers through our advisory, analytic, and consulting offerings. Because every question deserves the best answer. If you have a healthcare challenge keeping you up at night, we'd love the opportunity to work on it with you. Contact us at 855.TRUVEN-1 or email info@truvenhealth.com.