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Brian Griffin, MBA

Mr. Griffin has the unique ability to conceptually merge data from multiple sources to expand the applicability to broader applications and has consequently developed many healthcare information products. He is passionate about working with customers in using data to refine business questions so that projects yield high-gain information for decision-making.

Mr. Griffin is the director of market analytics.

Research interests: The intersection of medical information with business applications.

Awards: 1996 Sybase Business Values Through Information Award.

Affiliations: One of the founding members of the LOINC committee.

Article: Forrey W, McDonald CJ, DeMoor G, Huff SM, Leavelle D, Leland D, Fiers T, Charles L, Griffin B, Stalling F, Tullis A, Hutchins K, Baenziger J. Logical observation identifier names and codes (LOINC) database: a public use set of codes and names for electronic reporting of clinical laboratory test results. Clinical Chemistry 1996; v. 42, p.81-90.