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Jessica Kasten

Senior Research Leader

Ms. Kasten has extensive experience conducting quantitative and qualitative research related to health care financing and public program efficacy.  Her areas of expertise include publicly-funded long-term services and supports (LTSS). Medicaid managed LTSS (MLTSS), integrated care and dual Medicare and Medicaid eligibility. She is particularly skilled in data-driven research that requires analysis of public program claims/encounters and administrative data. Over the past eighteen years, she has worked on these issues in a variety of policy research and government settings, including: the State of Wisconsin; the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services; and several private sector organizations. Ms. Kasten has managed government contracts of up to $1 million. Ms. Kasten has led or been a major contributor to research projects related to Medicaid-financed long-term services and supports, including managed care and integrated (with Medicare) programs.


Ms. Kasten received an MA in public policy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a BA from Barnard College of Columbia University.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Government-financed long-term services and supports
  • Medicaid managed long-term services and supports
  • Data-driven research on Medicaid sub-populations