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Liisa Palmer
Liisa Palmer, PhD

Dr. Palmer has deep expertise in both retrospective and primary data collection for mental health, infectious disease, and medication compliance outcomes research. She was instrumental in facilitating both the SCAP (Schizophrenia Care and Assessment Program) and CHIEF (Child and Household Influenza-Illness and Employee Function) multi-year, multi-site studies, which were well reported in both journals and media. She has also conducted research in other therapeutic areas such as diabetes, bipolar disorders, osteoarthritis, and oncology.

Dr. Palmer is a vice president.

Research interests: Combining administrative claims with survey data; research on medication compliance to non-oral medications.

Awards: Best Poster Finalist – 2008 ISPOR International Conference

Affiliations: Academy Health, ISPOR

Presentation: Evaluation of agreement between internet-based self- and proxy-reported healthcare utilization and administrative healthcare claims

Presentation: Upper respiratory illness and employee productivity – Results from the Child and Household Influenza-Illness and Employee Function (CHIEF)