Micromedex Pharmacy Intervention

Real-Time, Evidence-Based Information for Faster Interventions and Well-Supported Medication Therapy

Micromedex® Pharmacy Intervention is a single-source, clinical surveillance solution that combines the power of real-time, patient-specific monitoring with evidence-based resources for immediate, informed decision-making, improved outcomes, and reduced costs. All critical data is immediately available, including medication lists and dosages, vital signs, lab results, transcribed reports, I&Os, demographics, and more.

Reduce ADEs and Decrease Costs

Pharmacy Intervention includes pre-built, pharmacy-specific rules for identifying high-risk patients and intervention candidates. These rules, or profiles, are developed by the editorial team from Micromedex Solutions to monitor critical medication-related parameters across the patient population. These pre-built profiles include, among others, antimicrobial, anticoagulation, and glycemic monitoring, IV to PO conversion interventions, narrow therapeutic monitoring, patient safety, and target medications. Your team can also build and customize profiles based on your specific areas of need. 

Support Meaningful Use

Pharmacy Intervention is designed to support Meaningful Use requirements that require evidence based Clinical Decision Support rules embedded in surveillance and clinical data monitoring applications. It leverages Micromedex drug content — in the context of specific patient data — to identify, document, and report drug therapy interventions.


Micromedex Pharmacy Intervention

Demonstrate Results with Intelligent Reporting

A new level of intelligent reporting empowers clinicians to demonstrate improved care quality, better patient outcomes, operational efficiencies, and cost savings across the organization. It provides the precise metrics to measure achievement, as well as assist in planning quality improvement processes. Expanded reporting includes specific capabilities to provide visibility from both a clinical quality and financial tracking perspective. For example, Pharmacy Intervention could include IV to PO cost savings to demonstrate contribution to cost control and additional electronic regulatory compliance reports.