Consumer Engagement

The Industry Standard for Patient Education Resources

Micromedex solutions are delivered directly to the point of care with full integration into thousands of hospitals’ information systems.1

Micromedex Solutions

  • Provide patients with information at every stage of care — pre-care, inpatient care, lab tests, drug information, discharge instructions, emergency department, and continuing care
  • Help patients understand their treatment, as well as learn critical self-care and medication adherence information
  • Engage consumers with HD video, interactive assessments, and a 3D avatar
  • Promote strategic hospital services by offering customizable text options

Instant Access and Integration for Speed and Cost Efficiency

Micromedex solutions are delivered directly to the point of care with full integration into thousands of hospitals’ information systems.
  • Clinical Knowledge has been integrated into nearly 2,000 electronic patient record systems nationwide
  • Users can add new clinical evidence modules, bundles, and integration options — without interruption — as needs change
  • The solution includes on-device applications for iPhone®, iPod® Touch, iPad®, and Android™ free

Solution Delivery Options

Micromedex provides flexibility to integrate with hospital and health facility daily workflow via the most popular and portable conduits:

  • Web 2.0
  • Intranet
  • Mobile native applications
  • Tablet native applications
  • Mobile/tablet via web

Integration Options

  • Context-specific content retrieval via web services using HL7 standard APIs
  • Embedded content options, including data files (flat files) for uploading into the host system(s)
  • Micromedex Search Accelerator allows users to search Micromedex clinical evidence solutions directly from multiple locations within your web browser
  • Deep linking allows you to create links to various sections of Micromedex clinical evidence solutions such as a specific patient education sheet or FDA-indications/dosage section of the drug monograph, increasing accessibility to information when and where you need it

Additional Benefits of Micromedex Solutions

  • Patient education is automatically printed and documented to save discharge time and provide an audit trail
  • Available in up to 15 languages, including video and animated sources
  • Written at a 5th-to-7th grade reading level using health literacy standards

1 Available outside the U.S. only in select geographies.