Micromedex® Formulary® - Overview for End Users Point-of-care clinicians (Nurses & Doctors), Pharmacists, Medical Librarians, Educators Hands-on Tutorials (Interactive, Narrated)

Format: Hands-On Tutorials (Interactive)

Audio: Yes

Running Time: approximately 12 minutes

This course will teach you the basic features of the Formulary system. You will learn how to use the Search tab to find drugs by product name, search products by therapeutic class using the Therapeutic Classes tab, navigate the Pharmacy Information tab to get up-to-date news, events, and protocols.



By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Navigate the Formulary interface

  • Use Formulary to get immediate, up-to-date prescribing information at your facility

Micromedex® Formulary® - Overview for Administrators Administrators Video Demonstration

Format: Video Demonstration

Audio: Yes

Running Time: approximately 24 minutes

This course is for formulary administrators and presents an overview of the features and functionality in the Micromedex Formulary Management Administration application. You will learn about all the tools you need for creating and maintaining a complete and up-to-date formulary for all the prescribing clinicians at your facility, including creating and editing formularies and the items on your formularies.


Overview for Administrators Administrators Web Seminars

Format: Web Seminars

Audio: Conference Line Details provided in email invitation

Running Time: approximately 2 hours

The Micromedex® Formulary for Administrators is a recommended first step for administrators in helping you establish the knowledge needed to manage the advanced features of the system. The live, online training session offers instruction for using the tabs and functionality of the interface, and is ideal to jump-start beginners and new users through its pointed explanations and software demonstration.



By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Navigate the Formulary interface
  • Use the online formulary management tool to manage facility-wide formulary information
Instructor Guide Instructors and Trainers Train the Trainer Materials This guide (PDF) contains a course developed by Truven Health Analytics to help training managers conduct effective and concise training sessions for the end users at their facility. It presents scenarios and solutions using Formulary Management that will be relevant and informative to end users of the application.